One of the top three questions we get is: “Why do I need to check a SafetyPIN when I can just check ratings and reviews?”

Don’t get me wrong…I rely on reviews a lot too. But they’re hardly scientific…

  • We don’t know who’s really writing them. A lot of people ask their friends and family for reviews to get their scores up.
  • It’s possible the host, seller, or individual asked for a 5-star rating, which makes people more likely to give one.
  • They’re usually more focused on whether the person got there on time, didn’t cancel, left clean sheets, etc. None of those have anything to do with your safety.
  • And in a lot of cases, ratings are two-way…so if you rate the Airbnb host low, he might give you 1-star to retaliate, basically bullying users into better ratings.

Now, don’t get me wrong, reviews are a great way to narrow down choices, but they have nothing to do with your safety or their background. So read the reviews – and then ask for a valid SafetyPIN.

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