Why do you ask if I own firearms? It’s none of your business.

We get it – and we respect it. American have a 2nd Amendment right to own firearms. And it isn’t that we want to intrude.

But our goal is safety. And the fact is: Some people are just more comfortable knowing when there are firearms around.

Babysitters, for example, may prefer to know if there are weapons in a home they’ll be alone in. There are also people who only want to date someone that does or doesn’t have a weapon.

And we certainly understand all the reasons you may not want to disclose the presence (or lack) of firearms…

  • No one’s business but yours
  • Someone might try to steal it
  • Someone might make you a target if you share that you don’t have a firearm
  • Concern over the security of your data

So let me address them one at a time.

No one’s business but yours…

We agree. But it could also be the business of someone that will be spending time in your home and with your family…or hiring you to be around theirs.

That’s why we make it 100% optional and voluntary whether you share the presence of firearms. And if you do, it only appears when someone verifies your SafetyPIN with your permission. This is all they see:

Someone might try to steal my weapon

First, this is why we suggest you only work with or hire people with SafetyPINs…so you have a higher level of trust. People who’ve been through our screening process and met our strict criteria are extremely unlikely to do anything like that.

To further keep you safe, we never disclose any personal information (like your address). Only after you’ve verified someone’s SafetyPIN and developed that level of trust, do we recommend you share any personal details with them.

Someone might make you a target if you share that you don’t have a firearm

Again, we wouldn’t be alerting anyone to this information or sharing any of your personal details. So you’d only be revealing this to someone you approved to verify your SafetyPIN.

Concern over the security of your data

We recognize the extremely sensitive nature of all the data we collect. That’s why we are OCD about data security. We use the latest in secure technologies, encrypt all data, and update our policies and procedures regularly to ensure your data is the safest possible.

When we began designing the SafetyPIN algorithm, we thought about the all the different aspects of safety and what makes you feel safe. It would be naïve of us to ignore that some people feel safer around firearms and others have the opposite response. Since trust and safety are paramount to everything we do, we decided we needed to include a secure, direct way for people to share this information if they chose. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on this feature and other ways to address it.