Who’s really driving that Uber?!

Jun 10, 2019 | Crime Alert, News, Safety Smart, Safety Tips

It’s so easy. Need a ride home? To the airport? Literally anywhere? Open the app, plug in where you’re going and wait. Uber is so popular it’s become a verb.

But unfortunately, that’s not why the company makes headlines these days. You’ve probably heard some of the horror stories but did you realize there are over 100?!

This story made us shudder, and, unfortunately, it is only 1 of 103 cases that have come out so far.

Recently, a woman in San Diego called an Uber to get home, after drinking too much one night. She passed out in the backseat pretty quickly. When she finally woke up…the Uber driver was raping her!

Though she managed to escape, she had already been assaulted. Even more devastating, police found the man had created multiple videos over the last 5 years of himself raping and abusing children and adults (we aren’t sure why he wasn’t reported previously, or if he was). He will spend the next 80 years in prison on 34 counts of rape and sexual assault.

CNN shared this and other stories, which you can find here. A different woman who also claimed to fall victim of sexual assault by an Uber driver is in the process of suing Uber, not just for what happened, but also for misrepresentation of its services as a safe way to commute.

Maybe the most disturbing story is what this Uber driver had to say when he was arrested for raping a passenger… he called it a “perk” of the job.

It’s worth noting that Uber does do background checks. Of course we don’t know what their standard is or how widely they screen. After all, the man in the first story met their requirements–and his own video showed him to be a serial rapist.

According to CNN Business, “Uber said it reviews the records of driver candidates that are surfaced to the company by its background check provider. It said any serious criminal convictions, like sexual assault, sex crimes against children and kidnapping, would disqualify candidates.”

After reading this, you might start to ask yourself one of these questions,
If I were her, what would I do? What can I do to be safe? How can my safety really be guaranteed? If even Uber does background checks and this is still happening, what is the point of having a background check at all? Really, think about it, Uber ran a background check on all of these people and still thought they were safe to pick up passengers.

The cases with Uber are proof that background checks are not enough. But if you want more reasons why you can’t trust a background check, take a look at this article. This is why SafetyPIN goes beyond a background check.

We’ve worked with leading experts in psychology, forensics, law enforcement, and national security. They know how critical it is to look deeper than a simple background check and they never settle.

They also know that 40% of crimes are never reported, making background checks only the first step in a review. That’s why we take a deep dive into each applicant’s history as well as their behavioral indicators. Our expert criminal profilers developed specialized questions and scoring methodologies in our behavioral review, which allow us to identify red flags, even if the person has no criminal history.

We don’t work with Uber (yet), but we are doing everything we can to make the apps you use safer for you and your family.

Once someone receives a SafetyPIN badge, they can share it proudly on any app or website. Remember, it means more than a regular background check. If you qualify for one, it is a sign to the world you are a trustworthy individual and anyone would be lucky to use your services.

Maybe you’re a babysitter, handyman, dog walker, house cleaner, or other service provider and want people to know you genuinely care and can be trusted. You can get a leg up on your competition by getting a SafetyPIN too. It only takes about 5-7 minutes one time and $1 to get things rolling. Click here to start the process now!

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