We ditch Sunday morning brunch with friends to drive down and check on our parents. We make ridiculously late dinner reservations so we can go home and walk the dog first. We skip last minute tickets to that sold-out concert because neither of the two babysitters we trust are available. Meanwhile, there are tons and tons of apps that could take care of it all for us … in minutes. Probably even seconds.

We have these fantastic services – literally at our fingertips – but we’re still scrambling to do it all ourselves. Why is that? What’s holding us back?

The #1 Concern Hiring Help: Trust

Trust is always earned, never given.

It’s a wise old saying for a reason – it’s true. It really does all come down to trust.

Trust you’ll get what you paid for. Trust your home will be safe. Trust your family will be safe.

Did you see this article in Forbes? The headline comes right out and says it: “The Sharing Economy Still Hasn’t Reached Its Potential.” And they seem to think it has to do with user’s trust that each experience will dependably, and safely, deliver.

According to Forbes the Sharing Economy needs to confront some critical issues to reach the next stage of growth.

The Only Real Fast Track to Trust

It’s a huge – and valid – problem for the Sharing Economy: how do you know who to trust online? With such easy access to such a large group of people, places and services … how do you narrow down who’s the best to hire? How do you decide who you can even trust with the job?

Was it just your imagination, or was there really something kinda off about Jimmy? I mean, are any of these people even SAFE? The list of questions goes on forever.

We’ve created a solution – a cutting-edge algorithm that lets you know the person you met online is safe to trust offline. It’s called SafetyPIN, and if you hire someone with one you can be confident they’re trustworthy.

Why You Should Never Give Your House Key
to Someone Without a SafetyPIN

When you buy “stuff,” you weigh the price versus the return policy and roll your dice. But with the Sharing Economy, you’re talking about inviting a stranger into your home. Or willingly going into their home. Possibly to sleep. With your family. Think about that for a minute.

Maybe you need daily elder care for your mom with Alzheimer’s. Or you might be looking for a regular Friday night babysitter for your toddler. Do you need someone to help with your cats while you’re away for a long weekend? You’re literally putting the lives of the people you love in a stranger’s hands. The Sharing Economy puts your most precious, personal and private things in a pretty vulnerable position. Why would you risk gambling on someone you’re not sure you can trust? The stakes are just too high!

Usually, when you’re giving your key to someone, it’s because they’ll be alone in your home… maybe even with your pets… … or your kids! Regardless of the exact scenario, every time you hire someone off the internet you’re putting an awful lot into the hands of a stranger.

With SafetyPIN, You Know Who to Trust

You may have heard our founder’s story about the crazy dog sitter who FAKED HER OWN DEATH when she failed to do the job she was hired for. Maybe you’ll get lucky and end up with a dog whisperer (or at least a sane person!). But maybe not.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need to take the gamble. There’s no reason to even roll the dice. Because we’ve created the solution to everyone’s number 1 concern when it comes to using the sharing economy: knowing who to trust.

When someone is approved for a SafetyPIN, it’s like an instant badge of trust. It means they passed our strict screening requirements, designed by a dream team of security experts. Working with criminal profilers to clinical psychologists, we designed SafetyPIN to be a background check on steroids after two Red Bulls. And unlike most background checks, a SafetyPIN isn’t “one and done.” We regularly rescreen our members. And if someone fails to meet our requirements, their SafetyPIN is revoked. That’s what makes SafetyPIN the absolute best way to know that someone you’ve met online is safe to meet offline.

A SafetyPIN is the easiest way to have the trust and confidence to move an online connections to “IRL,” fast. So you can get the help you need and get on with your life. Spend less time screening your help, and more time actually getting help.

Is Getting a SafetyPIN Faster than
Getting a Background Check?

It’s fast and simple to get a SafetyPIN.

In fact, if you specifically ask someone for one and they don’t have theirs yet, they could apply in about 5 minutes. Most people get approved within 24 hours.

All they have to do is provide basic information and answer a few simple, short questions. Then SafetyPIN will take care of the rest.

What About Those Free Background Checks?

So what makes SafetyPIN better than any other background check you can do online?

Did you know that only 40% of crimes are posted in online databases? And that background checks scan by county or state, not the entire country. Just because someone has no record in California, it doesn’t mean they didn’t do time in New York. So those free “instant” internet checks that take a minute or two? They miss a LOT.

That’s why SafetyPIN created the most rigorous 4-pronged screening process available. We access more than 10,000 data sources and then screen criminal, financial and personal history. And because so many crimes go unreported, we added our proprietary behavioral review — to weed out people who could be dangerous or likely to scam someone.

After our founder’s experience, we knew our process had to be the most thorough screening available.

Now that – thankfully – her pups are okay, she can chalk it up to a good lesson. It’s simple: If you’re meeting or hiring people through websites and apps, NEVER trust a stranger in your home or around your family without a SafetyPIN.

Watch this short video to learn more about how asking for a SafetyPIN can keep you safer: