Your regular sitter called in sick, and no one else you know can make it. And the event this evening is too critical to miss. So you pull out your phone and dig out that app you downloaded…

You never thought you’d actually hire someone from one of those apps… not a babysitter anyway. It’s one thing to let someone clean your gutters, but put your kids to bed? How can you possibly know who to trust?

You survive your night out, and, more importantly, it seems like your kids are fine and fast asleep. Phew!

Or at least you thought everything was cool…

But the next day, you get a call from your bank, letting you know that there is suspicious activity in your account.

What if your sitter stole from you? You’ve got cash all around your house, and maybe some gift cards too. What if she took it all, right in front of your young child? Sadly, this isn’t just a “What if.” It happened to a West Seattle mom not too long ago.

WATCH: How would a SafetyPIN help?

And being robbed by someone you invited into your home is terrible. But what if the worst happened? We’ve all seen the headlines and heard the nightmares… what if this happened to your baby?

Babysitters who steal here and there usually fly under the radar. They look and sound great, seeming well-educated with a cute profile picture, but they’re hard to spot.

And then there are the pros…

They can leave little to no trace behind them, changing their name online, profile pictures, and even their phone number. You can protect yourself, your home, and your family from scammers before you meet them in real life.

Jenny Thompson, the founder of SafetyPIN, has first-hand experience with a sitter scammer for her dogs, Django and Lulu. She arrived home from her trip to a scene she never expected… and when she asked for her money back, the sitter came up with an elaborate scheme and faked her own death a few days later! Thank goodness her dogs were okay, but what if someone trusted this woman with children?!

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That experience led to Jenny creating SafetyPIN, the virtual trust badge that makes it easy to know who you can trust online—and offline.

Ask for a SafetyPIN, and verify it to make sure that we’ve awarded them a valid SafetyPIN after processing them through our state of the art security screening process, the most advanced algorithm built to date for much more than a simple background check. It’s comprised of a criminal background check, a financial screening specifically engineered to weed out scammers, and an identity verification so you know who you’re dealing with. It also utilizes our proprietary method of analyzing an applicant’s behavioral profile, something we created with criminal profilers and an Ivy League clinical psychologist.

So the next time that you’re browsing an app for your a new babysitter, pass on anyone who does not have a SafetyPIN or won’t apply for one. It’s not worth the risk. It’s simple… without a SafetyPIN, you don’t know if they can be trusted. Don’t put yourself – or your family – at risk.

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Watch this short video to learn more about how asking for a SafetyPIN can keep you safer: