The Quickest Way to Let Families Know They Can Really Trust You

Mar 8, 2019 | Safety Smart, Safety Tips

Remember the days when you could take a kid for ice cream for hitting his first home run or give a girl on your team a ride home…and it was just, well…normal?

But no more.

Almost every coach I know is becoming more and more concerned about being alone with kids.

Because the scandals that rocked the headlines continue to rock us. And parents are more worried than ever.

You know you’re a good coach…and one of the good guys. And now there’s an easy way to let parents know that, too.

Being on Great Coach lets families know how good you are at what you do — and the results you’ll get for their kids.

And taking the extra step of adding a SafetyPIN to your profile shows them that their trust and their kid’s safety matters to you, too.

What’s a SafetyPIN? It’s the best way to give parents peace of mind that you can be trusted. SafetyPIN is a trust badge that you can use on Great Coach and on any other site or app. When you sign up, the experts at SafetyPIN run your criminal and financial history, confirm your ID, and combine those with a proprietary behavioral profile. When you meet the criteria, you’re awarded a unique SafetyPIN you can share with parents when you’re talking about coaching their kid. You can even add it to your email signature to show trust is your priority.

Plus, it’s been endorsed by a man who protected the most important families in the world: a Former White House security chief who worked in the Secret Service under 4 U.S. Presidents.

The scandals rocking small towns aren’t going to slow down any time soon. And, if you’re a parent yourself, you understand. You want to know you can trust someone who’s going to be alone with your kid and in a position of authority.

Give potential clients the same peace of mind you’d want. Add a SafetyPIN to your profile today. It only takes about 5-7 minutes to sign up and all your data is securely encrypted and protected. It’s just $1 to get started. Apply for yours now at

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