The All-Too-Real Story Every Parent Fears

Mar 29, 2019 | Crime Alert, Hiring Help, Safety Tips

It sounds more like a Made-for-TV movie on Lifetime than something you’d read in the local paper. But, sadly, this story is all too real.  

It’s the story of a teenage girl from Chandler, Arizona, who was just looking to make a little extra money over the summer…like so many teenage girls.  

Also like many others, she did what so most young girls do to start out — picked up a babysitting job for a family in the neighborhood.  

And that’s where the story takes a terrible turn. 

But it didn’t happen on day 1. No, in fact, it happened over a couple of summersThe father who hired the girl to watch his child started out slowly…he was grooming her,” as they call it. But his careful plot led to him sexually assaulting her repeatedlyThis girl was smart and brave…and taped him. So he was heard describing the assault!)  

And as parents all over Chandler – and the country – breathe a sigh of relief that it wasn’t their daughter, they also know, deep down, they may have just been lucky this time.   

Perhaps the most shocking example we’ve all seen was the case of Larry Nassar, the defamed doctor who sexually assaulted hundreds of Olympic level athletes by convincing their parents he was “treating” them. 

The scariest part is that men like this hide in plain sightAnd we’ve seen too often that kids can have a hard time trusting their instincts and can be scared into silence 

They are your neighbors, coaches, doctors, friends…and you can’t imagine they would ever do anything to hurt your little girl.  

And the vast majority of them absolutely wouldn’t.   

But how can you tell them apart? 

Unfortunately, predators spend a lot of time working on not being discovered.  

And to make it even more challenging, 70% of sexual crimes go unreported. So even running a criminal background check isn’t enough. 

That’s why SafetyPIN – the Universal Trust Badge – worked with experts in criminal profiling and forensic psychology to build a more thorough way to screen.  

We created SafetyPIN mainly to help protect your family when you were hiring someone on online or renting an Airbnb. But the more we talk to parents, the more we hear they want it for coaches, neighbors driving their kids, and more. Because SafetyPIN’s 4-prong screening algorithm was designed especially to weed out people who would potentially harm your child 

To begin, SafetyPIN’s screening goes further and deeper than any standard background check, includes a proprietary behavioral review (created by criminal profilers), and allows you to verify someone’s Trust Badge quickly and easily. 

When we first introduced SafetyPIN, parents told us they would only hire babysitters with one. But as we grow, more and more parents say they only want their daughters to babysit in homes where the parents have them, too.  

We know it can be awkward to ask a neighbor about their background – or even to ask them to apply for a SafetyPIN. But, as parents, they should understand youre just protecting your kid. And if they don’t, maybe she’s better off finding a different summer job.  

Talk to your child about who she’s thinking of working for and figure out which one of you should ask for a SafetyPIN. And if the parents don’t have theirs yet, it’s only $1 to apply and most applications are approved in under 24 hours. Plus, we never share any private information about their past or their application with anyoneSo any person who says, “No probably isn’t someone you want your kids spending time alone with. 


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