Want to be a Super STAR Sitter and get more jobs? Simple strategies to make sure you get hired — again and again

Nov 29, 2019 | Job Hunting, Tips and Tricks, Uncategorized

The semester started with a bang and now life at the university is busier than ever! You need money, and you need it now, but who has time for a job? You do, if you become a Super STAR Sitter! Babysitting is in high demand and pays serious money these days. How can you cash in on it?

Here are four top ways: 

  1.   SafetyPIN

Apply for a SafetyPIN badge. Nothing sets you apart for trust verification and higher pay as a babysitter like a SafetyPIN badge. Check out this video for more info on how the badge works. SafetyPIN is the only background screening available that uses a proprietary algorithm with over 10,000 data check points to verify that you are the real deal and parents can feel safe leaving their kids with you. 

But does it help get more jobs? A recent study of more than 500 babysitters recorded that the sitters with a SafetyPIN badge booked twice as many babysitting jobs as sitters in the same survey who did not have a SafetyPIN badge —17.9 bookings vs. 8.4 — over the same period. So why wait? For only a $1, you can apply and get started. 

  1.   Tidy up, report back.

You can’t imagine what a relief a quiet, orderly house can be to parents when they return after a night out! Tidying up dishes, picking up toys and games, hanging up bath towels and wiping off counters may not seem like much, but it makes all the difference. A tidied-up home promotes your reputation as a capable professional, worthy of top pay.

Also, when the parents return, be prepared to give them a quick report about what you and the kids have been up to while they were gone. Tell them about the things you did together and all the little funny things that happened. Parents love to know how you engaged with their children — and they also know their kids are not angels. Tell them the truth if something was a challenge. They will appreciate the sense that you are working with them in their efforts to raise great kids.

  1.   Actively engage with the kids

Be a pro-active sitter. Bring a Babysitting Tote Bag with a flashlight in case of emergencies, a notebook, a small plastic bag with some simple first aid supplies and character bandages, a few fun toys and some age-appropriate books. Memorize the kids’ names, ages and any preferences they listed on the app before you arrive at their home. Put away your phone (except to answer texts or phone messages from parents) and focus on hanging out with your kiddos! Play any of these 25 great games , and the kids will be begging their parents to hire you again! 

  1.   Rules are for keeping! Know them, keep them!

The House Rules will tell you nearly everything about how this family operates, so talk to mom and dad about their rules, write them down, and memorize them! Remember that kids assume you don’t know their parents’ rules and will encourage you to bend them – this is just how kids work! House Rules vary from home to home, but these 10 rules apply no matter where you go!

Your SafetyPIN badge is the first way to stand out to prospective employers as a professional babysitter. Follow these tips and you will quickly be a Super STAR Sitter!

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