Stand Out in a World Full of Taskers

Apr 29, 2019 | Job Hunting, Safety Smart

Today’s gig economy is booming. As a contractor, you’re able to work your own hours, switch up your tasks, and easily create your own business. But as more and more taskers enter this sought-after marketplace, the competition in landing gigs is becoming ever-so fierce.

So you ask your happy customers for positive reviews online…

And you share your offerings all over social media…

But is it enough to land the gigs you desire?

Or could you be missing one critical ingredient that potential clients are looking for?


The numbers don’t lie…


* 27% of consumers abandoned a transaction due to a lack of visible security on the part of the vendor. That’s over a quarter of your potential customers gone before you even had the chance to say hello.

* 94% of consumers say they’re likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. When a potential new sale visits your site and sees you’re a verified, trusted contractor, numbers go up.

As a vendor of goods or services, how do you immediately assure every potential customer you are not only the best choice, but a thoroughly vetted pro?

Take the extra step to get verified by SafetyPIN Technologies. When people see you’ve been verified by us, they immediately know they can trust you.

Once you’re verified, you can add your SafetyPIN to your profile and website to show potential customers that their trust and safety matters to you.


How does it work?


The entire application process takes 5-7 minutes. You simply fill in your information, answer a few questions, pay the $1 application fee, and hit submit. We take care of the rest.

After you apply, we run a thorough background check, verify your ID, and review your answers. Don’t worry, we never share any details of your personal history of your private information.

Not everyone qualifies for a SafetyPIN, so once you’re approved share it proudly across all your profiles and on your website. Provide every new customer the security they’re looking for.

SafetyPIN makes it easy to give your customers the peace of mind they want and win the gigs you’re after.

Ready to book more jobs faster? Apply for a SafetyPIN today!

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