Think about the first time you tried to buy beer when you were legal but forgot your ID. “Come on… I swear, I’m 27…I just look younger.”

Chances are you walked away without the 6-pack.

And the person carding you wasn’t being a jerk…he was just doing what he was supposed to do.

We consider asking for a SafetyPIN a lot like that. You have a responsibility to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe.

So before you meet someone in person, just ask.

“Hey…can you shoot me your SafetyPIN so I can verify it?”

If the person is upset or offended, just remind them you can never be too careful because keeping your family and your home safe is too important. And if that’s not good enough, maybe it’s better to choose someone else.

Keeping you safer from URL to “IRL”