It’s stories like these that are so chilling that it reminds us why we started SafetyPIN.

This is one of those stories.

It was just released that over Labor Day weekend last year, a Miami Uber driver raped an intoxicated 26-year-old woman, and later called it “good sex” and a “perk” of the job.

WATCH: How would a SafetyPIN help?

This poor woman was just out drinking with some friends and looking for a ride home. After she got in, he penetrated her with his fingers as she was doubled over in and out of consciousness. He drove to her apartment. And after they arrived, he parked and raped her in his car.

Then he left her there in the parking lot, where a police officer found her sitting on the stairs hysterically crying, asking for help, and repeating, “I’ve been raped” over and over. She told police she was “too terrified and intoxicated” to fight her rapist off, fearing that the man might have drawn a weapon if she resisted.

She never had a chance from the beginning. It was discovered the man had a history of predatory and violent behavior prior to driving for Uber. And despite his criminal history, Uber still let him drive.

This is disgusting. And it’s why we are trying to get Uber to introduce SafetyPINs and let you choose drivers who have one. It’s the best way to drastically cut down on your risk of becoming a victim.

Contact Uber today and let them know you want to see SafetyPINs on the app ASAP! Then make the choice to put your personal safety first by selecting only SafetyPIN verified drivers.

Watch this short video to learn more about how asking for a SafetyPIN can keep you safer: