It’s 6:16 pm, and the only thing more pressing than your date tonight is the painful wait for the flat iron to heat up.  What makes the excitement of butterflies so addicting? There’s really no magic about it, you found someone online, and you think he just might be the one.

You arrive at the bar before him, order a glass of wine, and subtly check your hair in the back of the bar that conviently doubles as a mirror. You’re ready.

“I’m here, where are you at?” he texts you. You spin around and look towards the entrance to the bar. Your first impression is that he’s much shorter than he said he was. But that’s okay.

Then he sits down, and a couple of drinks in, you’ve got plenty to talk about…. Until the guy sitting next to him spins around and hits your date in the back, knocking him forward, and spilling his beer on your shirt.  You jump back, then start to laugh, then stop, realizing that he just threatened the guy – for a silly accident.

Realizing that he has a temper, you excuse yourself, then get into a cab and head straight over to your best friend’s house, who is waiting to cheer you up with stories of her own bad dates.

Alright, let’s admit it – it’s pretty fun to sit around and swap bad date stories…  Even the most awkward moments, the ones that you wish you could forget. You’ve probably discovered that everyone has been there. But have you considered that maybe they were just really lucky?

Meeting potential dates on the internet comes with risks. And unfortunately, some aren’t as harmless as a few weird moments you’ll laugh about later.

The reality is that harmless situations can get creepy – or even dangerous… fast.

WATCH: How would a SafetyPIN help?

Like when you leave a date thinking “well that’s not THE ONE”… and then you notice he’s following you down the street…

To stay safe dating online, you MUST have peace of mind that you can trust who you are talking to. There’s a big difference between going on an awkward date with a harmless guy and getting trapped with someone dangerous….

When Tinder Turns Tragic

They’re calling him the “Tinder Serial Killer, ” but his name is Daniel Drayton.

He’s the type of guy who brags about his murders, and now he’s boasting that he killed 7 women. He used Tinder, a popular online dating app, to meet his victims. The charges alone are hideous. Attempted murder. Penetration with a foreign object. False imprisonment. Drayton wasn’t just killing women; he was kidnapping and torturing them first.

7 women who just wanted to find someone special thought it would be safe to meet this murderer in real life. 7 women figured they had nothing to lose, but ended up dead.

So, just how safe is it, really, to go out drinking with a stranger?

That’s the thing – you just don’t know.

One Swipe Right Could be a Dead Wrong Choice

At what point do you think the Tinder Serial Killer’s victims knew they were in trouble? Maybe they felt something a little off at dinner. Maybe they got a bad feeling once they were alone in the car with him. Or maybe they didn’t see it coming at all…

They could have met up for some drinks … had dinner … gone for a walk near the park…

Whatever they did, it must have gone well enough for Drayton to get these women alone, vulnerable and unprotected.

Wit and charisma are common characteristics of the most dangerous people. Look at Ted Bundy. He’s one of the most infamous serial killers in history, and he was notoriously charming.

Please don’t ignore your intuition when it comes to online dating. But don’t rely solely on it either. The consequences could, literally, be deadly.

No SafetyPIN, No Date

Online dating has become the number one way people meet their spouse.

It’s become so common to date online that we often forget that it can be dangerous. That’s what’s so scary.

Look, no one’s telling you to stop. We’re just telling you to date smart. This is why a SafetyPIN should be a non-negotiable. Before you take any online connection into a real-world setting (or at least before you’re alone in a car or your home!), ask for a SafetyPIN – and share yours. Get one for yourself so people know you can be trusted, and don’t meet anyone who won’t share theirs.

SafetyPIN is the easiest, most reliable way to safely move an online interest to a real-life romance.

SafetyPIN Makes Dating Fun, Not Dangerous

SafetyPIN created the most rigorous 4-pronged screening process available. We review over 10,000 data sources, and screen someone’s criminal and financial history. What really makes SafetyPIN stand out though, is the proprietary behavioral review we developed.

SafetyPIN is the only security verification that includes this behavioral profile. Because just because someone doesn’t have a criminal record yet doesn’t mean they’re safe.

Our behavior profile helps weed out people that put you at risk – of harm or fraud. SafetyPIN puts YOU in control, so you can choose your matches wisely and date safely.

Before you even settle on what bar to hit for happy hour, ask for their SafetyPIN. And then verify it to make sure it’s theirs and that it’s up to date. That margarita will taste a lot better when you trust that you’re safe.

Watch this short video to learn more about how asking for a SafetyPIN can keep you safer: