Can you believe this?

A babysitter just (allegedly) murdered the 1-year old she was watching. The police rushed him to the hospital. And he fought for his little life for two whole days…but he didn’t make it. After the detectives put the pieces together, they ruled it a murder and now the babysitter is sitting in jail. She won’t be getting out any time soon.

This is so heartbreaking. And now his mourning parents have to deal with the further trauma of a trial – and the pain of this horrible loss for the rest of their lives.

In the same week(!), a mom in Ohio came home and discovered that her babysitter was missing — and her two young children had been left alone for hours. So she called the babysitter to ask why he left. His chilling reply horrified the mother and shocked police. He confessed that he had – GASP! — raped her five-year-old daughter. And then he took off, leaving her and her brother alone in the house. After the police found him driving, the babysitter sped off and led police on a chase, firing a gun out of his window before the police were finally able to nail him and bring him to the station.

I can’t believe the horror both of these families are facing… and all because they trusted the wrong person to babysit.

WATCH: How would a SafetyPIN help?

In survey after survey, trust is the #1 concern for childcare. And it’s the reason why many families allow only close friends or relatives to watch their kids. And it’s easy to see why when you hear about incidents like these. Would you rather hire a babysitter you don’t know (even one with 5-star reviews), or ask a close family friend to watch your child?

There are bad people everywhere. And the Internet is one of their favorite hiding places. These stories are tragic, but they weren’t accidents. Neither of these people should ever have been around children. But there are plenty of responsible, trustworthy sitters out there who will take excellent care of your kids when you can’t be there. You just need a better way to find them.

…And that is exactly why SafetyPIN exists, to help you find people you can trust and keep you – and your family — safer when you meet people online.

So the next time you’re looking for someone new to watch your child, remember to ask for their SafetyPIN. It’s the only fast track to trust for people you meet online. It’ll give you confidence, knowing that we’ve already screened them using our 4-pronged state-of-the-art algorithm, designed by law enforcement professionals and psychologists with decades of experience identifying criminals.

Always check reviews and references… and then ask for their SafetyPIN. When you interview SafetyPIN-verified babysitters, you know we’ve already asked the hard questions for you.

And if they don’t have a SafetyPIN yet, you can get them to apply for just $1! It’s the easiest way to know if they can be trusted in real life – and around your children.

It’s the first step to making sure your family never has to go through the horrors these families are.

Watch this short video to learn more about how asking for a SafetyPIN can keep you safer: