Uploading a photo of yourself to your SafetyPIN profile is one of the best ways to boost your credibility online and increase trust between you and the person you’re about to meet.

You see, it’s a deal sealer when the other person can verify your identity. After you upload your photo to your SafetyPIN profile, anyone who verifies your SafetyPIN will be able to see your image.

WATCH: How would a SafetyPIN help?

How To Quickly and Easily Upload Your Photo To Your Profile

  • Log in to your account at app.getasafetypin.com

  • In the upper right-hand corner, click on the drop-down menu beside your email and click “settings”

  • Upload your image by selecting “choose file”

What Makes a Good Profile Photo?

  • Use an up to date image that actually looks like you. It should reflect how you look on a daily basis – your hairstyle, glasses, make-up, etc.

  • Make sure the image shows your entire face, and that your face takes up the majority of the frame space.  No full-body shots that leave people squinting to try and make out your face.

  • Wear something you’d wear to meet in real life, so they’ll know it’s you when they see you.

Remember, when someone verifies your SafetyPIN, they’ll see your name, profile picture, and the city and state that you live. That’s it. We keep your information 100% secure using up to-to-the-minute encryption technology.

Watch this short video to learn more about how asking for a SafetyPIN can keep you safer: