These days, we do everything online. We book travel homes, look for deals on new appliances, and look through applications for new people to hire – like babysitters and handymen, people who you’ll bring into your home and around your family…


Until now, the best way to know that you’ll be safe meeting someone you met online is to immediately check the ratings and reviews. Knowing that another person in your hometown has had a good experience can be a great relief.


But what if you aren’t getting the whole picture? I mean…we all know there are ways to get people to give you better reviews. And that can lead to you getting tricked into a bad (or even dangerous) situation with no warning.


WATCH: How would a SafetyPIN help?

Here are the top 3 reasons you can’t really rely on reviews:


1) They can be “gamed.”  We’ve all been there. You check out of your Airbnb or finish a task and you’re immediately asked for a 5-star review. Maybe the place wasn’t what it seemed or the tasker was a little “off” but you don’t want to cause any trouble and you don’t want them to give you a bad rating. So…you give in. Yup…5 stars. Now multiply that times tons of people and you can see how easily a 3-star experience ends up as 4.9.


2) They can be misleading. A lot of platforms give people the option of listing under a number of different specialties. And that means a 5-star review could be based on a totally different experience than what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for someone to care for your elderly parent, you wouldn’t want to find someone with glowing references and a 5-star review… for babysitting. This type of care requires an entirely different skill set.


3) They can be completely false. Recognize that criminals are experts at misrepresenting themselves to lure in their victims. They know every trick in the book, from using another person’s photos to writing their own reviews. And they can be very hard to detect.


The best way to make sure someone who looks good online is safe to meet up with in real life is to ask for their SafetyPIN. Because in the real world, things aren’t always as they seem online.


Don’t let an honest mistake become the worst decision of your life… remember the story of the NYC mom whose babysitter took her toddler on a drive across state lines to set her ex’s car on fire?


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You can protect yourself and your family from the criminals who use the internet as their stalking grounds. You have the power to stop these people from entering your world and hurting your family.


Whether it’s a babysitter, a handyman, or you’re renting an Airbnb or going on a date, make sure always ask for a SafetyPIN before meeting in real life. Nothing matters more than your safety.


This holiday season, share the gift of personal safety with the people who matter to you most, and in return you will receive peace of mind that you’ve helped protect them. Whether looking online for a babysitter, a dog walker, a handyman, or a date… tell them about SafetyPIN so they know to always ask for one before meeting anyone they found online.


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Watch this short video to learn more about how asking for a SafetyPIN can keep you safer: