Do You Need A SafetyPIN?

Believe it or not, one in four of us is taking side jobs. One in FOUR! That’s a LOT of competition out there…and on every app. Welcome to the busy gig economy.

Maybe you’re doing it as a side hustle — or maybe it’s your full-time thing. Either way, I bet you’re not booking as many gigs as you need. Do you feel like you spend more time looking for work than actually working? Do you wish there was a way to bypass the whole internet dance and get straight to the part where you’re making some money?

Well now, there is.

Look, it takes major hustle to stand out and get people’s attention online. We’re all doing backflips to show just how qualified we are … how great we are with kids … how we’re a dog whisper … how we’re a bit OCD – in a good way – about getting tile grout clean. “Pick me! Pick me!”

Have you spent hours trying to write the perfect profile for a dozen different apps? We bet you’ve lost count of the number of times you dropped everything to answer a bunch of questions – right away – for someone you thought would hire you. It’s frustrating when people seem to be looking for your help – they review your profile, even message you – but then just…well… ghost you.

Well we know this:

Trust and safety are your potential clients’ number 1 concern when they’re deciding who to hire.

And like I said above, now there’s something that can help you get hired, more often and faster.

It’s a SafetyPIN, and it’s a badge of trust that gives immediate peace of mind to anyone who needs your help.

How to Get Hired Fast … and Often

It’s simple – and pretty harmless – to initiate a conversation online, right? But when someone’s thinking about hiring you, they’re thinking about having you in their home…around their kids…in their most private space.

So how do you get strangers to trust you… with their dog? Or their house? Or their KIDS? How do you get super busy people to move that online connection OFFline, and fast?

Simple…you get a SafetyPIN. It’s just the easiest way to start booking more gigs.

A SafetyPIN is like a background check on steroids after two Red Bulls. And it’s the best way to let someone you’ve met online know you’re safe to meet offline. Anyone thinking about hiring you will LOVE that you have one — and you’ll love how easy it is — to get and to share.

SafetyPIN was designed by a dream team of security experts – from criminal profilers to clinical psychologists. It’s the fastest – and easiest – way to make someone feel safe inviting you into their home … their family … their life.

Don’t Waste Hours On What SafetyPIN Does Instantly

All that time and effort you put into marketing yourself is pointless if people don’t trust you. And, let’s be honest – it’s normal to not trust strangers. That’s why you need a SafetyPin. What good is all the hustle if you can’t seal the deal?

You put in all that energy … and then they tell you they ended up hiring their niece’s friend. Or they went with their neighbor’s step-son. Or they just never get back to you at all …

You aren’t getting paid to court clients. You only get paid when you actually land them. And no matter how cute your profile picture is, you need trust immediately just to (literally) get in the door. Quit wasting time looking for work and start actually working. Get a SafetyPIN and stop losing gigs to stranger danger.

Get a Bigger Paycheck with SafetyPIN

So why choose SafetyPIN over one of those other “instant security check” sites you see everywhere? Well, first of all, your credibility with a SafetyPIN will put you at the top of everyone’s list.

SafetyPIN uses the most rigorous screening process available. In fact, we created a 4-pronged process that screens criminal, financial, and personal history — and adds a proprietary behavioral review. We access over 10,000 data sources, and the whole process was developed with the help of top experts like the former head of White House security. Who can argue with that?

Everytime you share your SafetyPIN, you’re offering a fast track to trust and confidence.

Plus, having a SafetyPIN is safer and more convenient for you, too. Your data is secured using encryption and the latest in security practices. No one EVER sees your personal information. And it’s just one application and you’re verified EVERYWHERE, so you won’t need to register individually on a bunch of sites, strewing your information all over the internet.

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

Will SafetyPIN be Faster?

It’s fast and simple to apply for a SafetyPIN.

All you have to do is provide some basic information and answer a few simple, short questions. SafetyPIN will do the rest. It only takes about 5 minutes to apply, and most applications are approved in around 24 hours.

It’s affordable, too. It only costs $1 to apply and $1/month for your first 6 months. After that, you pay as little as $4 a month to keep your SafetyPIN current.

The truth is you’re losing money on every gig you don’t book. A SafetyPIN is one business expense that will pay you back in spades. You can probably even write it off!

Get People to Court YOU … with a SafetyPIN

Stop chasing hesitant clients!

It’s almost like dating – when you’re too aggressive in the pursuit, or too interested in someone who’s just not that into you – you’re gonna push away business.

But with a SafetyPIN, gigs will start coming to you. Imagine if instead of spending time following up with someone you thought you clicked with, you spent time weeding out clients YOU don’t want to work for?