Beyond a Background Check: The Best Way To Know If  You Can Trust a Coach With Your Kids 

Mar 8, 2019 | Safety Smart, Safety Tips

It’s gut-wrenching. To even think a coach would do something to hurt your kid…it’s almost too hard to fathom. But the headlines force us to keep it front of mind. And even though he wasn’t a coach, the Larry Nassar scandal still keeps so many of us up at night…wondering…worrying…asking “what if…”

You’re doing everything you can to make sure your child is never a victim.

Until now, parents have had to rely almost solely on recommendations and reviews from parents and other athletes. But that makes it easy for a coach to end up with a glowing reputation – even if he’s hiding something.


Using Great Coach lets a potential coach know you’re not only concerned about a five-star review – and that safety is more important to you than their W-L record.

And it’s a perfect first step.

But don’t stop there. Because now there is a simple solution that offers maximum peace of mind. It’s called a SafetyPIN, and it’s the best way to know that your child is in safe, trusted hands. Just look for a SafetyPIN on a coach’s profile – or ask them to apply – and you’ll know you’ve chosen someone who cares about your child’s well-being almost as much as you do.

For years, people have relied on background checks. But background checks are spotty, unreliable, and inconsistent. Believe it or not, 40% of crimes (and 70% of sexual assaults!) go unreported. That’s why SafetyPIN goes further and deeper to uncover any red flags.


Behind every SafetyPIN is a deeper, more comprehensive criminal background check, a financial history screening, an ID verification, and their proprietary behavioral review. When someone meets all the criteria, they get a unique 8-digit PIN they can share so you know they can be trusted around your family.


Plus, SafetyPIN keeps rescreening people and they revoke the person’s PIN if something pops up.


How does SafetyPIN provide instant peace of mind that someone can be trusted in real life? It’s through that proprietary 4-pronged process that was developed with a team of experts including criminal profilers from the NYPD, and clinical and forensic psychologists. Plus, it’s endorsed by the former White House security chief who worked in the Secret Service under 4 U.S. Presidents!  (Hey…if he knows how to protect the most important families in the world, you can trust him to help protect yours, too!)


SafetyPIN’s on a mission to keep families like yours safer by offering the best way to know – at a glance — who to choose.

Before your child starts training with a new coach, ask for their SafetyPIN to make sure they meet SafetyPIN’s standards – and yours.


It’s simple: just ask to see their SafetyPIN. If they don’t have one, they can apply for just $1 here.


Here’s a quick video that explains more about how you can use a SafetyPIN to keep your family safer:

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