SafetyPIN protects your customers, your marketplace, and your brand. 

  • Lets workers book more jobs and earn more money
  • Can provide revenue and decrease screening costs.
  • Offers customers greater peace of mind and a safer experience
  • Helps neutralize unintentional biases
  • Protects your brand – and your shareholders
  • Increases customer and supplier loyalty

Built with – and endorsed by –
retired members of: 

  • Secret Service
  • FBI
  • NYPD
  • Homeland Security
  • Dept. of Justice 
  • Former Chief Security Officer of the White House, plus
  • Ivy League Faculty 

James Davis

Retired FBI agent who processed Saddam Hussein:

“SafetyPIN is cutting edge technology that makes the internet a safer place. I am kind of an old dog and am not a big fan of how much of our lives are impacted by the internet. I think it exposes us to risk. SafetyPIN allows us to minimize the risk by knowing that the people we are interacting with online have been vetted. It definitely gives me comfort to know that my family is looking for the SafetyPIN badge.”

John Gill

Former Chief Security Officer of the White House:

As a career security professional, I’m very interested in innovative security technologies and approaches that can create a safer and more secure environment for us all. SafetyPIN does exactly that; it helps to provide us with a peace of mind when conducting online transactions with other people and organizations.”

SafetyPIN is a perfect complement to your current vetting process…


  • Lets “Gigsters” invest in themselves and show potential clients they are personally committed to trust and safety. Babysitters who display a SafetyPIN booked 113% more jobs and earned $703 more than those who didn’t*
  • Gives potential customers greater peace of mind and more information when choosing someone
  • Can create an additional revenue stream for all users

Generate real trust quickly with SafetyPIN

  • More expansive criminal background check – broader area, longer time frame
  • Ongoing screening with alert if SafetyPIN is revoked
  • Proprietary Beacon Behavioral review
  • Flat membership fee
  • Visible 3rd-party indicator of trust 
  • Protects individual privacy

For Trust &

A powerful tool with no added expense that can decrease screening cost.

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Greater loyalty from suppliers and customers.

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*Based on 518 sitters when 264 had a SafetyPIN on their profile.

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