Breaking News: Accused War Criminal Driving for Uber?!

May 15, 2019 | Crime Alert, Safety Smart

Have you seen this news???!!! An accused Somali war criminal has been driving for Uber and Lyft for the past 18 months in Northern Virginia.

Yusuf Abdi Ali has been working for the companies full time with a 4.89 rating!

How did an accused war criminal get approved to drive when a simple Google search brings up article after article of alleged brutality?

Because there’s a major flaw with standard background checks

That’s why at SafetyPIN we built a better background check especially for the peer-to-peer economy.

No…we’re not working with Uber or Lyft (yet!).

But our deeper, broader background check and our proprietary behavioral review are designed and endorsed by experts to keep you and your family safer…every time you book or swipe.

Learn more below and ask your favorite marketplace app to start using SafetyPIN now!


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