Want to be an A-list babysitter? Here’s five ways to beat out the competition.

Nov 21, 2019 | Job Hunting, Tips and Tricks, Uncategorized

Who knew that babysitting for the neighbors was training you for the perfect side hustle in college? Nothing matches babysitting for work availability, flexible hours, and just plain fun! With an average rate of $12+ per hour in most university towns, it’s a great source of serious money, too. 

But how do you make the A-list for sitters? Try these 5 proven tips to rise to the top of the list, get more jobs and increase your rates, too!

  1.   Get a SafetyPIN badge, and display it proudly on all your profiles. 

This is absolutely the first step of success for university babysitters, and you can get started on your application in minutes, for only $1.

Many apps offer their own “background checks” for a price, but a SafetyPIN badge is the best option for your wallet — and your privacy. Apply once, stay in good standing, and your SafetyPIN badge will be there to share whenever you need it — without going through background check after background check on multiple sites. 

Our proprietary algorithm uses over 10,000 points of data to assess every applicant and ensure that they meet our strict requirements. It’s this level of scrutiny that has earned SafetyPIN Technologies the endorsement of the former Chief Security Officer of the White House.

Check out this video for more information about SafetyPIN and how it can help you book more jobs and earn more money.

  1.   Create a Resume

Have you ever considered creating a resume to present your skills as a babysitter? Nothing communicates professionalism better than a crisp, clean resume. The next step for parents after verifying your SafetyPIN badge will be to check out your experience. Use this babysitting resume link for valuable tips and a babysitting resume template.

  1. Get Certified!

When someone entrusts you with their children, they want to know their kids are safe. Many parents tell us that they will gladly pay up to 25% more for sitters with safety certifications. Take a class and increase your earnings along with your skills! Here are some certifications that can help you make the A-List:

You can check for other certifications through local classes at the YMCA, the American Red Cross, or the American Heart Association. Sometimes your local health department, fire department, or even the parks department also offer free classes in CPR and First Aid. 

  1.   Bring a Babysitter Tote Bag!

Impress your new boss (and their parents, LOL) by showing up at the door with a well-stocked Babysitter Tote Bag! These bags are especially fun for the “littles.” Creating a tote bag is easy and takes only a small amount of preplanning. So… what should go in your bag?

  • A small notebook. This is for jotting down any important information the parents give you ahead of time, or anything you want to be sure and tell them when they return.
  • Flashlight. Just in case the electricity goes out in the home where you are babysitting. That way you don’t have to rummage through the drawers in a panic.
  • First Aid Kit. This can be simple, but it is sure to be appreciated! Your kit can include simple supplies such as some fun character bandages, a dark washcloth, and a small baggie for a makeshift ice pack.
  • Age-appropriate books. Reading is always a babysitting favorite for young children! Children love to snuggle up with you and read a good book. And if the kids are readers, they will be excited that you brought them something special. How do you get the right books? When the parent is booking you for the job, ask what books their children enjoy. Then stop by the library beforehand and pick out some great books to share.
  • Age-appropriate toys. Sure, the children have toys of their own, but what kiddo doesn’t love a surprise? Tuck in some bubbles to blow, a medium-size box of crayons, a coloring book, puzzles, a Rubik’s cube – or other simple toys, games, or projects. Surprise them with your tote bag treasures and keep things fun! 
  1.   Finally, be Reliable.

Be reliable and stick to your word. If something happens last-minute and you MUST cancel your babysitting job, please give the family as much notice as possible. And how about going one step further? Provide them with a back-up sitter who also has her SafetyPIN or even a list of SafetyPIN sitters — to choose from. This will make them trust and appreciate you even more — and help protect the family from stories like these.

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