Outrageous! Baylor U Rapist Gets Off Without a Criminal Record

Dec 13, 2018 | Crime Alert, Safety Smart

Jacob Anderson is a rapist. He basically admitted it in court when he pleaded “no contest.” He raped a woman at a frat party multiple times during his time as a fraternity president at Baylor University in Texas. Noticing she was feeling a bit woozy, he took her outside behind the frat house and raped her repeatedly, then left her face down in the dirt. What a guy…

Still, you wouldn’t know it a couple years from now…

Why? Because you probably won’t ever see this on his background check. Even if he applied to be your daughter’s nanny, he’d likely pass a background check with flying colors.

It’s a dirty little secret of the background check industry…it all starts with the judge and it gets worse.

Despite the victim’s angry objections, Anderson was offered a plea deal, which threw out four charges of rape and reduced his charge to Unlawful Restraint. This means after a few years of probation, a ridiculous $400 fine, some counseling, and “good behavior,” the charge could be erased entirely. Even worse, the judge made the shocking decision that he didn’t have to register as a sex offender.

This young woman’s life is now ruined, and his next victim won’t have any way of knowing how dangerous Anderson is.

And this is the first challenge with background checks…they can only report what’s in file. So you have terrible situations like this where a rapist gets off with a slap on the wrist – and maybe no record at all.

Next you have huge swings in how different counties and states report criminal records – if they even do at all.

Not to mention that 40% of all crimes and 70% of all sex crimes go unreported. (Gee…I wonder why people don’t bother to report…)

That all leads to a false sense of security when you run a background check and it comes back clean, so you’re more likely to think “this guy must be ok.”


And that’s why SafetyPIN built a better background check – and didn’t stop there. Its 4-pronged state-of-the-art algorithm screens for everything you expect, but then goes broader and further back to find things a standard background check can miss.

But since so many crimes go unreported, that still isn’t enough. So SafetyPIN incorporated a proprietary behavioral review to weed out people like Anderson who are predators that could be a danger.

When someone has their own unique SafetyPIN, you know they’ve met all the criteria designed by their law enforcement and psychological experts.

Plus, SafetyPIN re-screens members regularly, so you can rest assured that if anyone commits a crime, their SafetyPIN will be revoked automatically.

There are more Jacob Andersons in the world than we realized. Those well-educated and handsome guys who seem so “normal.” Maybe one will reply to your ad to fix your sink, walk your dog, or maybe he’s someone you’d like to “swipe right” on.

Sadly, the victim in this case had no chance to “screen” Anderson. But make sure you don’t end up the next victim of this Jacob Anderson, or any of them. Ask for a SafetyPIN before you let anyone around your home or family – or go on a date. There’s no better way to know the person you’re meeting is someone safe to be around – and isn’t someone who’s “affluenza” led to a slap on the wrist instead of the slam of a jail cell.

Watch this short video to learn more about how asking for a SafetyPIN can keep you safer:


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