Babysitting on the side? Earn DOUBLE when you make this one change to your profile.

Feb 23, 2021 | Babysitting, Hiring Help, Job Hunting, SafetyPIN, Tips and Tricks

When asked what’s hardest about finding a babysitter, over half of all parents say the hardest part is knowing who to trust.  Having a SafetyPIN badge moves you to the top of the list! But does that badge really get you more your bookings and help you earn more money?

The answer is YES and YES!

To find out if a SafetyPIN badge helps you get more jobs and make more money, we collected data from a sample of over 500 babysitters. 262 babysitters had a SafetyPIN badge, and 254 babysitters did not. Sitters with a SafetyPIN badge reported an average of 17.9 jobs, versus sitters without one reporting only 8.4 jobs, over the same period of time. Based on the average amount earned, sitters with a SafetyPIN made about $700 more!

That’s right…parents booked SafetyPIN sitters TWICE as often as non-SafetyPIN sitters. But why? 

A SafetyPIN, according to founder Jenny Thompson, is a fast-track to trust. More than a background check, a SafetyPIN badge means that over 10,000 points of data have been screened to confirm a sitter’s identity, and there’s nothing dangerous or suspicious in their background. Plus, the proprietary Beacon Behavioral Review screens for those “red flags” that mean someone might not be best as a  childcare worker. 

So, when you earn your SafetyPIN badge, be proud! Post it everywhere! It’s a GREAT achievement! Your SafetyPIN badge has been endorsed by several law enforcement officials, and even the former Chief Security Officer of the White House.

Applying is easy and you can get started for as little as $1*. It only takes a few minutes to apply, and most applications are approved within 24 hours. Some take longer, of course. But as soon as you are approved, your SafetyPIN badge is yours to display! 

Many apps will allow you to display your badge right on your profile. We are working every day to bring more and more apps into the SafetyPIN family. But for those who are not yet on board with SafetyPIN, you can simply include your badge information in your description. Just add a note like this: “And you know you can trust me in your home and with your family because I am SafetyPIN approved. SafetyPIN does a broader background check and behavioral screening. My SafetyPIN is ABCD1234 and you can verify it at” 

Plus, you can email any apps you are using and ask them to let you add your badge to your profile. That way, when we are talking to them, they’ll know it matters to you. Once your SafetyPIN is added to your profiles, families will know, at a glance, that they can trust you. Get ready to get more and more bookings!

How do users say SafetyPIN works out in real life? Here’s a few reviews: 

  • “My SafetyPIN helps me book so many more babysitting jobs! — Sara T.
  • “I love my babysitting app because I can choose sitters that have SafetyPINs – and I do, exclusively.”  — Meg W., mom
  • “SafetyPIN does the most extensive background check I’ve seen. I work with several Federal agencies to conduct background checks for security clearance. Other than high-level clearance, SafetyPIN does the most extensive background check I’ve seen. It goes well beyond what the government uses for its standard background check.” — Rob L., Federal Investigator
  •  “I only hire SafetyPIN-vetted babysitters to watch my two kiddos” — Erica M.
  • “When I first found out about SafetyPIN, I immediately knew I had to get it. I am able to have a quality background check to show potential clients without handing them my social security number. Not only can I prove I’m a safe choice, I can ask my clients to get a SafetyPIN and they won’t refuse due to costs. SafetyPIN is fast, affordable, and easy to use” – Sadie

And to promote our members even more, we recently launched a Chrome extension that makes your profile POP! It’s like putting your application right on the top of the pile.

Why wait? Apply for your SafetyPIN today– and get ready for your babysitting business to double!


*Most people pay a $1 application fee. If you have lived in New York since you turned 18, or currently work there, there is an additional fee to cover the actual fees imposed by the state of New York. You will be notified during the application process if this fee would be charged and have the opportunity to stop your application.

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