Babysitter or professional scammer?

It wasn’t that long after we launched the company that we received an application for a woman named Jane. Once we started reviewing her application, it became clear that something just wasn’t right. We confirmed her identity and her SSN. We could see she had no criminal record, but there was something in her profile that looked, well, suspicious. When we dug a little deeper we realized she was using a dead person’s social security number. And this person had passed away more than 30 years ago. We had definitely stumbled onto something unexpected. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, we kept investigating. Maybe this was her grandfather and she was selling his house… we couldn’t be sure without digging a little deeper.

Then we hit on something even more shocking. Jane’s father was also using the SSN of a different deceased person. Neither of the last names matched the information we had – so it looked unlikely they had been family members. We asked ourselves: “Was this a clerical error or a family-wide scam?” So we consulted with our experts. Their reaction was immediate and clear. To them, it appeared this was a scheme the family had used for years – passed down from father to daughter. Even though Jane didn’t appear to have a criminal record, our law enforcement team couldn’t come up with any legitimate explanation. It was likely that Jane and her father had been using the dead people’s SSNs to commit fraud.

At the very least, it was certainly something that made us question her trustworthiness. A standard criminal background check would not have caught this scam. It would not have shown up on her record since she was never charged. But we use more than 10,000 sources of data, so we quickly uncovered the suspicious connection between her name, date of birth, and this other SSN. SafetyPIN – Denied

A SafetyPIN is a digital trust badge that shows an individual has met all the requirements developed by a team of experts in law enforcement and criminal behavior. Every screening includes a broader, more expansive criminal background check, an ID verification, a financial history screening, and the proprietary Beacon Behavioral Review.

When you see a verified SafetyPIN, you know the individual has met our strict requirements – and remains in good standing. SafetyPIN Technologies is committed to treating everyone with fairness and respect. Therefore, anyone not awarded a SafetyPIN can rest assured that their application, personal information, and the outcome are kept completely confidential.

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Most background checks only screen the “National Criminal Database,” which excludes 22 states completely, and leaves out a LOT of counties across 12 other states. Better background checks will screen down to the county someone lives in, and, in some cases, the counties they’ve lived in for the past 7 years. But we know criminals don’t stop at the county line – so neither do we.

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This is a case we often talk about in our offices. Bill applied for a SafetyPIN in mid-June. From the beginning, there was something about his application and information that concerned us, but we couldn’t put our finger on it at first. It certainly didn’t help that he called customer service almost every day to ask about the status of his SafetyPIN.

Hiring ‘on-demand’?

Only SafetyPIN offers trust on demand


Apply for a SafetyPIN.

A SafetyPIN is the best way to assure someone you met online that they can trust you in real life. By displaying a current SafetyPIN when booking jobs, home sharing, and more, you’re letting people know you care about their safety and peace of mind.

Verify a SafetyPIN.

Looking for a SafetyPIN is critical when taking any online meeting offline. But before you commit, take the extra minute and verify their SafetyPIN. By confirming their membership is in good standing, you’re letting them know trust is critical to you.