Upload Your SafetyPIN To Instantly Boost Your Profile

Jan 21, 2019 | Hiring Help, Job Hunting, Safety Smart, Safety Tips

After you receive your SafetyPIN, you can immediately download and share your Trust Badge on any online profile to show people that they can choose you because they can trust you IRL.

Ready to upgrade your online profile by displaying your SafetyPIN? Here’s how:

1. Log into your account at app.getasafetypin.com

2. Under your profile picture on the left side of the dashboard, click “View/Share Badge”

3. Select download to prompt a direct download of your SafetyPIN Trust Badge.

You can either include your downloaded image of your SafetyPIN Trust Badge on the online profile of your choice, or you can post your downloaded badge or just share your number in your post or profile.

Here are just a few ways people are using their SafetyPINs to get ahead of their competition on a basis of trust:

“I added my SafetyPIN to my NextDoor profile so people would know they could trust me. Sure, we’re all “neighbors,” but—let’s be honest – that doesn’t mean what it once did.”- Natalie S

“I include my SafetyPIN on my email signature. It lets prospective clients know I’ve been verified.” – Tom

“I have my SafetyPIN up on all my Airbnb listings to give renters some peace of mind when traveling to a new place.” -Lisa J

Trust. Verified. That’s it!

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