About Us

Like you, all of us at SafetyPIN Technologies use the internet for just about everything…and we’ve all had our creepy moments and our “close calls.”

That’s where SafetyPIN comes in.

How it Started

The Crazy Sitter Story

Sarah responded to my post on Craigslist looking for help with my dogs. We met, she liked the dogs and they liked her, and everything seemed great. She started walking them a couple times a week and was going to stay with them when I went away.

When I got home from my trip something was wrong. I couldn’t figure it out at first…

Then I realized… the dogs’ beds were gone! I started looking around and found perfectly clean and folded sheets in the washer. A FITTED sheet that she had supposedly slept on…folded perfectly after she stripped the bed?!

No way!

Clearly, she hadn’t stayed at my place at all. Despite my clear instructions, she had taken the dogs somewhere else. (I still don’t know where they were!)

And this is where it goes off the rails…

Obviously, I knew I couldn’t trust Sarah anymore. She had blatantly lied and put the dogs at risk.…I had to fire her. But I had paid her in advance to watch them for my next trip, so I asked for the $150 back.

She had a lot of excuses and concerns but finally agreed to pay me in a week when she got her next paycheck.

But I would never see that money…

Four days later, she and a friend developed an elaborate scheme to fake her own death.

Yup…that’s right. She faked her DEATH…

I got a dramatic text from her “dad” describing a horrible accident and a request to pray for her. The next day, I got a text that her lung had collapsed. Two days later, another update that “it didn’t look good.” And finally, a day after that, a text that she died.

But some quick research proved she was fine. (She probably shouldn’t have updated her Facebook profile picture while she was in a coma…)

From that moment on, I decided I was going to dig a lot deeper before I let anyone in my home — or near Django and Lulu

When I started looking into it, though, I kept coming up short. I learned that, while a criminal background check was a good start, it wasn’t enough. A lot of times the data is incomplete, never updated, or never checked again.

So I spent the next year working with retired police officers and criminal profilers to build a better background check, and to identify the key attributes that make someone potentially dangerous or likely to cheat you.

After months and months of research, we’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that draws on over 10,000 sources of data – and combines behavioral screening — to identify people you can trust the most – and assure them they can trust you, too.

And none of it would have happened if Sarah had just used the “Block” feature on her phone…

Jenny Thompson

CEO and Founder
SafetyPIN Technologies Inc.

Meet the Team

Our team has put all our time and energy into trying to make the internet a safer place. Making you feel more secure when you take an online transaction offline. Or, as we like to say… keeping you safer from URL to IRL.

Jenny Thompson

Founder / CEO

A proud and loving dog owner, Jenny had a shocking experience when the pet sitter she hired off Craigslist stole money and faked her own death. Realizing other people were having the same experiences (and worse!) when hiring dog walkers, babysitters, and handymen, or using home sharing and ride sharing companies, she set out to discover a way to keep her pups, herself, and the rest of us safer. (And don’t even get her started on online dating! Am I right, Ladies?!)

She developed the idea for SafetyPIN Technologies one day when trying to figure out exactly what would make her feel safer.

She knew how to build and promote a business but realized this business required a lot more.

After consulting with experts in technology and criminal behavior and profiling, she began to pull the pieces together. She then left her career of 20 years as a CEO for a health and wellness company to bring her idea to life. There were too many horror stories and too much risk in the growing sharing economy to stick with her “day job.”

Cliff Casey


Cliff joined the SafetyPIN team in 2017 to lend his expertise to all technical aspects of the company and head up development of the core product. After 15 years of software engineering and leadership experience in many sectors including the Federal Government, education, healthcare, transportation, ecommerce, and publishing, it was time for a change.

Having primarily worked in enterprise software for large organizations, Cliff saw the opportunity in SafetyPIN to take his experience and apply it to something that people will find truly useful and essential in their everyday lives.

Key Advisors

John Gill

Security Expert

John is a dynamic and decisive leader in personal and cyber security. His storied career includes senior positions in the White House, the Secret Service, and private sector security, as well as business development and consulting. Highlights include serving under four U.S. presidents and as the Chief Security Officer at the White House.

John is a recognized authority, with global expertise in the areas of protective intelligence, risk management, workplace violence, crisis management, and business continuity, in both the public and private sectors.

James H. Davis

Chief Federal Officer, ANDE, FBI (ret.)

Jim has enjoyed a long and storied career in federal and state law enforcement, emergency management, and safety and security. Prior to joining the team at ANDE, Jim served as Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS) and as Homeland Security Advisor to the Governor. Before working for Governor Hickenlooper, Jim served 26 years in the FBI. His last assignment was as Special Agent in Charge of the Denver Division of the FBI. 

His career highlights included overseeing the investigation and disruption of an al-Qaeda terrorist plot in 2009, directing a four-year undercover operation that led to the conviction of over two dozen public officials and organized crime figures in Chicago and, perhaps most famously, personally leading the FBI team responsible for the initial processing of Saddam Hussein after his capture in December 2003.  

Nancy Zarse, Psy.D.

Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Zarse is a forensic psychologist and full professor in the Forensic Department at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is a member of the FBI’s TLOC (law enforcement counterterrorism), was appointed Sector Chief of Academia for the FBI’s InfraGard (private sector counterterrorism), and currently serves as consultant to the FBI’s Countering Violent Extremism section, with Secret Clearance. She is one of three experts on a team awarded a $190k grant, by the Department of Homeland Security, for Countering Violent Extremism.

Dr. Zarse has served as a forensic psychologist at several high-profile prisons. Previous positions include Chief Psychologist at two federal prisons, and the Director of Inmate Administration at the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, the maximum-security military prison.

Dr. Zarse consults with and provides training to law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, Chicago Police Department, US Army Military Police, and Crisis Negotiation Associations, as well as schools, private law firms, and legal agencies like the Chicago Bar. She specializes in the prevention, identification, assessment, and management of risk of violence.

Dr. Zarse received the 2010 and 2014 Distinguished Faculty awards for Excellence in Teaching, and the 2011 and 2015 Distinguished Faculty awards for Excellence in Public Service. She was selected as a Carnegie Scholar in both 2010 and 2011. She received The Chicago School’s Distinguished Alumni Award in 1996.

Judge Ty Hands

Judge Ty Hands is a devoted mother, dedicated community servant, and catalyst for change. Born and raised in Las Vegas, she came to the East Coast to be the first in her family to go to college.

She attended Winston-Salem State University where she graduated magna cum laude, and went on to receive her JD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law. 

She clerked on both the NC and Nevada and Supreme Courts. She was honored with a Gubernatorial appointment to the District Court bench in 2009 and was elected to a fourth term in the most recent election.

Judge Hands is active in various non-profit and community organizations including the Charlotte chapter of Jack and Jill and Race Matters for Juvenile Justice, where she advocates for racial equity in the court system and beyond.

Brie Pileggi-Valleen, Psy.D, LP

Dr. Pileggi-Valleen is a forensic psychologist and a subject matter expert in the areas of mental health diagnosis, psychological assessment, and forensic evaluation.

She completes forensic evaluations for the courts in the areas of competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, civil commitment, repeat sex offender evaluations, and risk assessments.

Dr. Pileggi-Valleen is fluent in Spanish, and presently conducts forensic interviews and psychological assessments in Spanish as needed.

Cathryn Lavery

CEO and Co-Founder, BestSelf Co.

Cathryn is a serial entrepreneur. As co-founder and CEO of BestSelf Co, she took the company from zero to 8-figures in less than two years. She won Shopify’s Build a Business Competition in 2016 and the Build a BIGGER Business competition in 2017 – making BestSelf Co. the only company to win both awards consecutively.

Cathryn and her work have been featured in Fast Company’s 2017 Innovation by Design Awards, as well as Entrepreneur, MTV, Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc. and more.