Like you, all of us at SafetyPIN Technologies use the internet for just about everything…and we’ve all had our creepy moments and our “close calls.”

That’s where SafetyPIN comes in.

Our team has put all our time and energy into trying to make the internet a safer place. Making you feel more secure when you take an online transaction offline. Or, as we like to say… keeping you safer from URL to IRL.

Meet the Team

Jenny Thompson

A proud and loving dog owner, Jenny had a shocking experience when the pet sitter she hired off Craigslist stole money and faked her own death. Realizing other people were having the same experiences (and worse!) when hiring dog walkers, baby sitters, and handymen, or using home sharing and ride sharing companies, she set out to discover a way to keep her pups, herself, and the rest of us safer. (And don’t even get her started on online dating! Am I right, Ladies?!)

She developed the idea for SafetyPIN Technologies one day when trying to figure out exactly what would make her feel safer. She knew how to build and promote a business but realized this business required a lot more.

After consulting with experts in technology and criminal behavior and profiling, she began to pull the pieces together. She then left her career of 20 years as a CEO for a health and wellness company to bring her idea to life. There were too many horror stories and too much risk in the grow about-profileing sharing economy to stick with her “day job.”

Cliff Casey

Cliff joined the SafetyPIN team in 2017 to lend his expertise to all technical aspects of the company and head up development of the core product. After 15 years of software engineering and leadership experience in many sectors including the Federal Government, education, healthcare, transportation, ecommerce and publishing, it was time for a change. Having primarily worked in enterprise software for large organizations, Cliff saw the opportunity in SafetyPIN to take his experience and apply it to something that people will find truly useful and essential in their everyday lives.


Det. John J. Baeza
NYPD (ret.) D-IAFI

John has dedicated his entire life to keeping people safer. His law enforcement career has spanned over 20 years. He began his career as a New York State correction officer and then went on to serve as a New York City police officer and detective serving in several investigative units including the elite Manhattan Special Victims Squad. He provided private security to two presidential candidates. During his career John has received 21 commendations for his service and bravery including 2 for acts involving grave personal danger and 2 for bravery involving personal risk to his life.

A certified expert in criminal profiling and behavior, John helped develop SafetyPIN Technologies’ unique objective screening platform to ensure maximum safety for you and your family.

After seeing flaws in the justice system up close, John and his partner, Joseph Guida (also an advisory board member), started their own business. In their “retirement,” they dedicate themselves to uncovering the truth in cases of potential police misconduct or false conviction.

Det. Joseph Guida
NYPD (ret.) D-IAFI

During his 16 years on the NYPD, Joe specialized in investigating cases of domestic violence. He now brings his unique experience perspective protecting people in dangerous situations (that should be safe) to SafetyPIN Technologies.

Joe’s expertise in safety and security resulted in him being hired to protect two presidential candidates. That expertise will also help protect you and your family. Joe’s relentless focus on facts and fairness makes him the ideal person to help develop the SafetyPIN appeals process.

As an officer and detective, he received 13 different commendations for his service and bravery, including one involving ‘grave personal danger.” Joe spent his career putting other people’s safety first, and he continues to do that as part of the SafetyPIN Technologies advisory board.

Mack McGee
VP/CMO, SC&H Group Inc.

Mack heads outreach and growth efforts for a nationally recognized management consulting, audit, and tax firm. He serves clients from rapidly growing private sector businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining S,C & H, Mack led the team at Groove, an international marketing and e-commerce firm.

Addie Conner

Addie is a Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Decoded Advertising and Decoded Advanced Media. Simply put, Addie redefines what strategy means, developing new methodologies and analytics to change how the creative process begins and evolves.

Prior to Decoded, Addie was the Co-Founder of SocialCode, a top tech and media analytics company working with over 30 Fortune 100 firms – and the largest buyer of media across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Snapchat (over 1b/year in media). Prior to SocialCode, Addie was the VP of Advertising for Avenue100, a performance marketing company for educational institutions acquired by the Washington Post in 2007.

Other highlights include brokering a deal for Acquisition Labs tech and team to be sold to Twitter, serving as a Director at Twitter, and serving on Facebook Product Council. She also graduated with Honors in Economics from University of Vermont.

Cathryn Lavery
CEO and Co-Founder, BestSelf Co.

Cathryn is a serial entrepreneur. As co-founder and CEO of BestSelf Co, she took the company from zero to 8-figures in less than two years. She won Shopify’s Build a Business Competition in 2016 and the Build a BIGGER Business competition in 2017 – making BestSelf Co. the only company to win both awards consecutively.

Cathryn and her work have been featured in Fast Company’s 2017 Innovation by Design Awards, as well as Entrepreneur, MTV, Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc. and more.

Originally from Belfast, Ireland with a Master’s degree from Glasgow School of Art, Cathryn moved to New York City in 2011.

Dr. Nancy Zarse Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Zarse is a forensic psychologist and full professor in the Forensic Department at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  She is a member of the FBI’s TLOC (law enforcement counterterrorism), was appointed Sector Chief of Academia for the FBI’s InfraGard (private sector counterterrorism), and currently serves as consultant to the FBI’s Countering Violent Extremism section, with Secret Clearance. She is one of three experts on a team awarded a $190k grant, by the Department of Homeland Security, for Countering Violent Extremism.

Dr. Zarse has served as a forensic psychologist at several high-profile prisons. Previous positions include Chief Psychologist at two federal prisons, and the Director of Inmate Administration at the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, the maximum-security military prison.

Dr. Zarse consults with and provides training to law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, Chicago Police Department, US Army Military Police, and Crisis Negotiation Associations, as well as schools, private law firms, and legal agencies like the Chicago Bar. She specializes in prevention, identification, assessment, and management of risk of violence.

Dr. Zarse received the 2010 and 2014 Distinguished Faculty awards for Excellence in Teaching, and the 2011 and 2015 Distinguished Faculty awards for Excellence in Public Service. She was selected as a Carnegie Scholar in both 2010 and 2011. She received The Chicago School’s Distinguished Alumni Award in 1996.