A Virtual Trust Badge is The #1 Thing Your Profile Needs in 2019

December 20, 2018

The Internet economy is booming. Who wouldn’t want to be able to control their own schedule and become their own boss? Maybe it’s offering your services as a freelance handyman, or making extra cash by renting out your apartment when you aren’t home. But why are the vast majority of talented, hardworking people not making the kind of money that they want?

It’s simple…

It’s because people are realizing that they actually know very little about the kinds of people they meet online. Whether they’re looking for a babysitter, dog walker, a handyman, or even an online date – when you meet someone online, prepare for them to be suspicious of who you really are, and what your intentions might be.

And the truth is, the internet is a great place for criminals to hide behind a screen, and they’re getting really good at tricking the system and preying on innocent victims… like a babysitter who steals from families’ home while they’re alone with the children, or a dog walker who takes the cash and never shows up. These criminals are creating a real problem for good people who are looking to make an honest living – and it’s getting a lot harder to tell who to pick just by looking at someone’s profile.

That’s why you need the virtual trust badge, a SafetyPIN, on your profile. It’s the single best way to boost your profile and book more jobs in 2019. Plus, you’ll start on a basis of trust, which survey after survey has shown to be the #1 thing people look for before hiring. Here’s what it looks like:

Trust is one of those things that, until now, could only be built over time…. carefully and slowly. But now, SafetyPIN has created the only fast track to trust. It’s a state of the art 4-pronged algorithm, and it’s as simple as completing a simple application and completing a quick behavioral quiz that takes about 5 minutes total. Once approved, you’ll receive a unique virtual trust badge that you can display on any profile you choose – giving others instant peace of mind that they can choose you because they can trust you.

WATCH: A SafetyPIN Virtual Trust Badge Explained in 97 Seconds

We keep all your private information private…and all your data is encrypted and secure. We guarantee it.

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For a limited time only, your application fee is just $1 – and you pay just $1 a month for your first 6 months. Most applications are approved in just 24 hours. There has never been a better time to grab yours… to win trust instantly and book more jobs.

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