3 Reasons You Should Always Ask for a SafetyPIN From Contractors and Freelancers

More and more people are ditching “normal” jobs to work in the “gig economy,”

It makes sense… it offers people a ton of flexibility and freedom. And employers only have to pay for the time they need someone or the task they need done. The gig economy is also a great way to find someone to fill in for your “regular” person at the last minute.

But there is one big downside: How do you know if that freelancer is someone you can trust?

A full 86 percent of people hiring freelancers or anyone working as a “1099” require them to undergo a background check before starting any work. [https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/9893-freelance-background-checks.html]

But maybe you’re just looking for a casual babysitter to watch the kids while you escape for a desperately needed date night. How are you going to get a background check done between soccer matches and packing lunches?

Still, before you trust someone in your home or around your family, you want to know that that person is trustworthy. A background check is a great option (when you have time), but you shouldn’t stop there. Here’s four great reasons why you should ask for a SafetyPIN first from every single contractor who wants to work for you.

1. Ask for a SafetyPIN, and receive a paid guarantee of completed work.

Whether you’re hiring a 1099 to complete a project-or come into your home to care for your little ones-you’re taking a big risk that these individuals are who they say they are, and that your family and business will be safe around them. (Our founder, Jenny Thompson, discovered this herself when a Craigslist hire took her dogs out of her house to goodness-knows-where while Jenny was on vacation.[LINK])

That’s why she started SafetyPIN: to make sure you don’t go through the same experience, and give you a greater sense of safety, knowing that your next babysitter, dog walker, or handyman has been thoroughly screened and vetted. And we’ll even guarantee they will get the job done.

How? If both you and your contractor have an active SafetyPIN, we’ll guarantee they’ll show up, do the job you hired them for, and respect your space. If they don’t, we’ll reimburse you what you paid them (up to $100) and immediately revoke their SafetyPIN.

We want to keep your family safe and your home and business humming along smoothly, and we’re willing to do whatever we can to ensure that.

2. Traditional background checks vary in terms of quality and depth. SafetyPIN’s process includes a comprehensive examination of applicants’ identity, as well as their criminal, financial, and behavioral history.

What your average background check actually covers isn’t as comprehensive as you might think. Especially the ones you run yourself on one of those huge websites. A lot of jurisdictions don’t make any records available. Some don’t update regularly, And others only report partial data. So you could be getting spotty information that’s years old but looks like someone came back “clean.”

Believe it or not, even some sex offenders simply move to a new state to get “clean” records, and you’ll see why this might be a problem. [https://www.thegleaner.com/story/news/2016/11/26/kentucky-indiana-among-states-not-meeting-federal-sex-offender-registry-mandates/94219416/]

That’s not a risk with the SafetyPIN’s process. We don’t just look at a single state, address, or alias for records-we check more than 10,000 sources of data across state lines to review an individual’s entire history. We also consulted with law enforcement professionals with over 60 years’ experience in criminal profiling and a clinical psychologist from one of the nation’s leading universities who specializes in psychopathy. Together, we’ve developed a behavioral questionnaire during the application process that flags patterns of potentially suspicious or risky behavior.

Our default is always to your safety.

Which brings us to another major SafetyPIN advantage…

3. Ordinary background checks are often “one and done.” SafetyPIN continuously rechecks our holders for new concerns – and revokes when necessary.

Someone may come back “clean” when you ask for that initial check, but traditional background checks are pricey. They can quickly tally up into the hundreds or thousands of dollars if you want to recheck freelancers and contractors over the lifetime of your projects.

SafetyPIN, however, continuously rechecks our members for new incidents or red flags. Based on a holder’s profile developed during the initial screening, the algorithm will periodically examine our continuously updated databases at irregular intervals for changes in a holder’s recent history that may merit a SafetyPIN’s cancellation.

(A quick note here: A change in criminal history is not the only reason someone may no longer have a SafetyPIN. In fact, a SafetyPIN is also revoked when a member chooses to end their subscription. Please see more information here [LINK] on why someone may no longer have a valid SafetyPIN.)

So while background checks can be a great starting point, they are often incomplete and don’t screen for risk-based behavior. Therefore, even if you choose to go the traditional route, we think that every person who hires a freelancer or contractor for a gig-no matter how small-should ask for their SafetyPIN, too.