Practically every online job board, freelancer, or gig website has its version of a background check. You’ve probably paid for at least one-probably more-one-time screenings to reassure potential clients that you’re who you say you are. So why should you apply for a SafetyPIN? Isn’t it just another type of background check?

Nope! Every freelancer and contractor should still get a SafetyPIN.


Glad you asked. We’ve got three big reasons why you need a SafetyPIN even if you’ve already passed a background check-starting with a guaranteed paycheck.

1. Trust is a two-way street. Get a SafetyPIN so you can ask for a SafetyPIN-and a guarantee of payment for completed work.

According to a 2015 study by the Freelancers Union [], a whopping 50% of surveyed freelancers reported difficulties getting money from their clients. Those sorts of numbers tell us that it’s only a matter of time before you, too, will get stiffed.

And sure, you can “fire” the client and never accept another gig-chalk up the loss as the cost of doing business. In the meantime, you’re still out the lost time and work, and there’s still food to put on the table.

Or… You can only accept clients who have SafetyPINs.

See, when both parties have SafetyPINs, we will guarantee payment (up to $100) whenever a verified client fails to pay you for delivered work. Plus their SafetyPIN will be immediately revoked.

Clients want to make sure they can trust you. Make sure you can trust them, too.

2. A background check only applies to a single gig with an individual client. A SafetyPIN can be given to everyone, in every aspect of your life.

See, whether you pay for it or they do, most employers or companies run background checks and keep the results in your file. It’s not like you’ll personally receive a paper certificate guaranteeing that you’re not a habitual felon to anyone you meet. That means no one else will know you’re verified and you’ll have to pay for background checks again and again and again.

A SafetyPIN, on the other hand, is yours. You control who sees it and how long it’s kept active. Your SafetyPIN can be shared online, anywhere you choose-not just when you’re trying to edge out other freelancers. In fact, you can use it on:

  • Rover,, Wyzant, TaskRabbit and other gig site profiles to help prove your reliability around children, family members, and pets.
  • Upwork, Behance, and other professional freelance sites to reassure potential clients that you’re not going to rip them off and they can trust you with their information
  • Bumble or Tinder apps–and other dating profiles–to show you’re not an ax murderer or a stalker
  • Roomi, Craigslist ads, or AirBNB listings to let people know you’re safe to hang out with
  • Anywhere you’re meeting someone for the first time after connecting with them online…

All anyone has to do is plug your SafetyPIN into our verifier [link], and they’ll know that your SafetyPIN is up-to-date-and that they can place a higher level of trust in you.

And rest assured, your privacy is one of our main priorities. So they’ll see your SafetyPIN is up to date, along with your first name and city/state, but we never tell them anything else about you.

3. People with third-party verification of their character and history make themselves more appealing to prospective clients.

A report from 2017 showed that 86 percent of employers are asking their freelancers and contractors-those working under 1099 and I-9 agreements-to undergo a background check before starting any work. []

How much simpler will it be to land great gigs with a SafetyPIN? Instead of having to provide everyone you want to work with all your personal information – and waiting a week (or two!) for a traditional background check before you’re hired, you can just show clients your SafetyPIN-and they can verify its status as often as they’d like, for as long as you work for them.

SafetyPIN is also a great way to differentiate yourself and your listing on any gig site. Even if a potential client decides they don’t want to run background checks on their freelancers-maybe they’re looking to save money, or possibly think that it “doesn’t matter”-we don’t know anyone who would hire a freelancer without a SafetyPIN when another equally qualified and priced individual with a SafetyPIN is available.

Best of all, you can offer your SafetyPIN before making your would-be client ask for that information. That sort of upfront honesty and transparency goes a long way toward cementing a solid first impression. There’s nothing like starting your new business relationship off on the right foot!

Frankly, for $1 application fee and less than $5/month, SafetyPIN is some of the easiest and cheapest personal branding you can do to attract lucrative new business.

So even if you’ve passed a background check, consider getting your SafetyPIN. At its core, a SafetyPIN represents a neutral third-party’s verification that you are who you say you are, and that you’re someone they should trust. It sets the stage for bigger and better things.